Bird Banding at Caddo Lake

May 16, 2009



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Yellowed-breasted Chat Kentucky Warbler Mourning Warbler Canada Warbler
Photos by Tom Walker, May 16, 2009



Hooded Warbler Indigo Bunting (male) Painted Bunting (male)
Photos by Tom Walker, May 16, 2009



Red-eyed Vireo White-eyed Vireo Brown-headed Cowbird (male) Brown-headed Cowbird (female)
Photos by Tom Walker, May 16, 2009



Saturday, May 16, 2009:  Dr. Jim Ingold, ornithologist at LSU-Shreveport, led the bird-banding activities.  Other participants and visitors included Tom Walker of Jefferson; Tony Novak of Karnack; Michael Turner & daughter, Patte of Uncertain, TX; Joann Hodges of Uncertain; Paul Tidwell of Jefferson; Ronald Hollomon & grandson, Kayden Grisham of Jefferson; Tom Allin of Marshall; Ron & Carolyn Bova of Quitman; Zac & Camille Burson of Haughton, LA; Chuck Bennett of Haughton, LA; Fern & Tony Grove of Newton, Kansas.  From Houston we had Phara Charmchi, Tania Kabakova, Anastasia Vayner, Indre Rapalaviciute, and Ian Sear.  From Dallas we had Carole Ann Boyd, Carolyn Boyd, Barbara Hudson, Rick Barrow, Tom Smith, Jim Lambright, John Owings, Inna Troik, Brigitte Petersen, and Erick Petersen.


Weather Conditions:  The morning low temperature was 71 F and the afternoon high was 80 F.  It was cloudy and threatened rain, but it did not rain at our location.

Number of Nets:  Eleven (11)


Time:  We started setting up nets at 8:20 a.m. and all nets were closed by 4:45 p.m


Note:  We caught and banded two new species: Canada Warbler and Mourning Warbler.


Next Banding Date:  Our next bird banding date will be in the fall around October.  Watch our bird-banding home page or check with Tom Walker for the latest information [E-mail: twalkercaddolake(at)].



BANDING SUMMARY: (15 species)                       New    Retrap    Total

Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)        0        1        1

White-eyed Vireo (Vireo griseus)                     1        2        3

Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus)                     3        0        3

Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)                 0        2        2

Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus)             1        0        1

Black-and-white Warbler (Mniotilta varia)            3        0        3

Kentucky Warbler (Oporornis formosus)                1        0        1

Mourning Warbler (Oporornis philadelphia)            1        0        1

Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia citrina)                    2        0        2

Canada Warbler (Wilsonia canadensis)                 1        0        1

Yellow-breasted Chat (Icteria virens)                4        0        4

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)            2        1        3

Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea)                    3        0        3

Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)                    0        1        1

Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)                2        1        3


Totals                                              24        8       32


Note: One unidentified Empidonax flycatcher was released unbanded.



HISTORY OF RETRAPS (6 species; 8 individuals):
Band number followed by original banding date in parentheses.


Red-bellied Woodpecker

902-76805 (03-21-2009)


White-eyed Vireo

2440-11405 (04-08-2006) 04-17-2007, 04-05-2008, 04-11-2009

2540-46407 (03-05-2005) 04-11-2009


Tufted Titmouse

2251-95027 (01-19-2008) 03-22-2008

2251-95206 (04-11-2009)


Northern Cardinal

1621-16929 (03-08-2008) 03-22-2008


Painted Bunting

2161-37033 (04-28-2007)
Note: The Painted Bunting was at least in its 3rd year of life when originally banded so it is at least in its 5th year now.



Birds that were seen or heard (including banded species):  28 Species Observed 
~ Walker Farm, Marion County, Texas


Turkey Vulture

Red-shouldered Hawk

Mourning Dove

Yellow-billed cuckoo

Chimney Swift

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Unidentified Empidonax flycatcher
White-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo
Blue Jay
Fish Crow
Carolina Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
Carolina Wren
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Eastern Bluebird

Black-and-white Warbler


Kentucky Warbler

Mourning Warbler

Hooded Warbler

Canada Warbler

Yellow-breasted Chat
Northern Cardinal
Indigo Bunting

Painted Bunting

Brown-headed Cowbird





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