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Net-mending Picnic -- May 19, 2001

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19May01_DM,PH,DJ.jpg (69731 bytes)19May01_DJ.jpg (56624 bytes)

  Dorothy, Peggy and Diane
  mending nets

"What a tangled 
web we weave!"



19May01_picnic.jpg (41070 bytes)19May01_JI,TW,GG,SG,DJ.jpg (85532 bytes)

Jim, Tom, Gerald, 
Sandi and Diane 
working on the nets 

 "Isn't it about
  time to eat?"


19May01_RMjr.jpg (19300 bytes)19May01_GG,SG,canoe.jpg (45357 bytes)

Sandi and Gerald  
taking a break  
on the water  

 Robert arrives in time to eat.
 "You really want me 
  messing with those nets?"



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